Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities/ diversity policy and codes of practice

Bilingual Recruitment Ltd is committed to the development of an equal opportunities policy and the use of employment procedures and practices which do not discriminate on the gender, sexual orientation or marital status; race, colour or nationality; physical or mental disability; responsibilities for dependants or part time workers; or offending background.

Bilingual Recruitment Ltd recognizes that all of its employees and temporary workers have rights under the Working Time Regulations to daily and weekly rest periods, to rest breaks, to holidays, and to limited average weekly hours. Any employee or temporary worker exercising these rights will not be discriminated against.

We actively promote equality of opportunity for all with the right nix of talent, skills and potential and welcome applications from a wide range of candidates, including those with criminal records.

This policy applies to all areas of recruitment, selection for promotion and training.

All grievances relating to discrimination, victimisation or harassment due to any of the above will be treated seriously and are reported at the monthly Board meetings.

- Any employee failing to adhere to the company’s policy by behaving in a discriminatory manner will be subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including dismissal. The employee may be suspended during investigations.

- Any company requesting that we discriminate in our selection processes must be reported immediately to the Company Secretary and supply of staff will stop if such requests are not justified.

- It is expected that all workers are fairly treated whilst on assignment and that the worker treats all co-workers and the client’s own employees with due respect and dignity. Action will be taken under this policy and the worker may be suspended pending investigation.

Bilingual Recruitment Ltd monitors its performance under the Equal Opportunity Policy and to this end records certain sensitive information. The data is only made available for use by a small number of trained staff and is protected in accordance with the company’s data protection policy.