Multilingual Recruitment Agency London

In today's global village, people's attitude towards their work and lifestyle has shifted dramatically. As companies work on a global scale, so too do their staff members. Moving from job to job and country to country, candidates create a worldwide pool of mobile labour. As a top Language Recruitment Agency, together with our Executive Search division, we have the skills to attract them for you.

All our language recruitment consultants speak at least 2 languages. We have all lived and worked abroad, which gives us a different outlook on international business and finance as a whole. Equipped with experience and passion, our international recruitment consultants are here to assist your company in finding the greatest international recruitment candidates imaginable.

We guarantee that we will properly screen all candidates before forwarding CVs - and only send details once we have spoken to the candidate - not something every language recruitment agency can guarantee.

Give one of our recruitment consultants a call on +44 (0)207 731 3339 or send an email to tell us on